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 Nomads and Herders

 Project Balaram - India

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These nomads and herders walk with their animals.  Only children, sick people, sick animals, herding and security dogs are allowed to ride the animals, as are very careful not to overwork their animals.

 Nomads and Herders:

The nomads and herders are given medical treatment, medicine food and generals supplies, for humans and animals, including cell phones with emergency phone numbers and portable hand powered chargers, since they have no access to electricity.

The animals graze on the stubble left in the fields after harvesting,  in turn while eating, these large herds fertilize the fields.  The large herds are an average of 5,000 sheep and goats, 2,000 cows, about 200 camels and a pack of herding and guard dogs.  For a herd of this size there are usually 80-100 people with them.

Proper medical care and preventative treatment is important so as they are traveling long distances.