CDH International Foundation

 Widows & Pilgrims
  are provided with medical care, clean water,
  blankets, food and help to return home or to
  be reunited with relatives if requested.     

 Project Balaram - India

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Widow Radha
  This widow was left in   
   Vrindaban many years 
   ago when she was very 
   young. She spends her
   days caring for the stray
   animals who give her
   their unconditional love
   and affection.



Sadhu binging Puppy for Food CDH
  Assistance for Widows and Pilgrims: 
Sadhu Food Widows 2Pilgrims holi Gill Pilgrimpilgrims food pilgrims food 2pilgrim sadhu widow sadhu hut

    - Widows, pilgrims and the dying who are left
       in Vrindaban are given help according to their

    - The cost of wood for cremation has become
       too expensive for many of the poor, we provide
       burial rites according to their individual religion
       for those left alone to die.

    - Many traditionally come to die in this sacred
    - They have nothing other than what they get
       through begging. When they collect a little
       extra money, they ask to borrow our cooking
       pots and some cooking fuel.  They cook for
       the poor and distribute a hot meal to those in
       need.  It is very touching to see this in todays
       world, where so many people with so much
       more just walk by the dying and suffering.
       Many days when they only have a very small
       amount of food, you still see them sharing
       with the stray animals.