CDH International Foundation

 TB Clinic at Keshi Ghat Vrindaban
  provides full range of anti-TB treatment
  additional supportive therapy and medical
  care  for our patients.

 TB Clinic-Project Balaram India

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KPS Gill called this boy to him when he noticed that he did not go to the doctor and was limping with a bandage on his leg.
This saved his like as he had a severe bond TB, had surgery 18 months of treatment and has recovered and is now very healthy.  



 According to the CDC website:

    Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the world’s deadliest

  • One third of the world’s population are infected with TB.
  • Each year, nearly 9 million people around the world become sick with TB.
  • Each year, there are almost 2 million TB-related deaths worldwide.

TB Clinic Program:

    - We are not a DOT's program.

    - We provide TB care and treatment to patients
       who cannot comply with the DOT's program for
       various reasons which prevent the patients    
       from daily being available at a certain time and   
       place, to receive their medications. Many of our
       patients are farmers, laborers, sadhus, widows,
       and villagers.

    - We provide a one month supply of TB medication
       to  the patients monthly. They return the empty       
       blister packs from their medicine each month
       when they return for their monthly refill.
    - Our compliance rate has been excellent among
       new patients and those who were formerly not
       able to comply with the DOT's Program.

    - We provide other supportive medical treatment to
       our TB patients as needed for symptom relief,
       general health and other medical conditions.