CDH International Foundation

  Food and Blankets are provided to the Poor in
  emergency situations.

  Food and Blankets - Project Balaram



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 food distribution

 Food and Blankets                                           - Food and wool blankets are provided to the poor
emergency situations.  There are many     
        poor pilgrims, sadhus, widows and local
        residents in need of blankets in the very cold
        winters, and food.

      - Hot fresh cooked nutritional meals including
         milk preparations, vegetables, fruits, rice,
         wheat, grains, beans, lentils, spices, sweets,
         etc. are distributed on site where all the food
         is cooked fresh and served hot.

      - Uncooked food is also distributed as needed
         in labor camps and as needed in various             
         emergency situations.

1. Food Distribution
        2. Blanket Distribution to Sadhus
        3. Food Distribution at Brick Kiln Camp
        4. Food Distribution at Camp extra raw grains
           for the coming days.
5. Cauliflower
6. Fresh milk cooked for hour to condense it
           in order to make sure it is safe. Sugar is
           added, it is a favorite, which the poor rarely
           ever get.


Food blanket Sadhus Food Blankets Children

Condensed Milk Food & Blankets