CDH International Foundation

 Work Camp and Brick Kilns
  Medical care and medicine provided to the 
  workers, their families and animals.

 Work Camps - Project Balaram India

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 Medical Program for Brick Kiln               
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 Workers and Labor Camps

    - Doctors, veterinarians, pharmacist and support
       staff travel to the labor camps to treat the people
       and their animals.

    - Doctors examine the patients and write
      prescriptions for medication which are filled
      by our pharmacist on site.

    - Rapid Diagnostic tests are done as ordered by
      the doctors.

    - Wounds are dressed and bandaged.

    - Vitamin A and Albendazole are provided.

    -Veterinarians, examine animals, administer
      medication and care as needed, and write
      prescriptions for additional medication
      which are filled by our pharmacist on site.

    -Vaccines are administered as needed.

    - Blood and fecal samples are examined in
      the field to guide the doctors in their diagnosis.

    - Wounds are bandaged and dressed.
    - Blankets and harness parts are provided for
      camels, donkeys, horses, mules and working
      buffalos to help prevent wounds while

    - Shoeing and hoof trimming is provided for
      all work animals.

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