CDH International Foundation

 Protect and care for the weak and the innocent


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  We aim to care for 
  those who cross
  our path with the 
  love of a mother.


CDHIF is a registered 501(c) 3  US based Private
     Charitable Foundation, that donates funds to
     CDHIFI, an Indian based registered Private
     Charitable Foundation.

CDHIFI is administered and run by the trustees,
     K.P.S. Gill, R.S. Suri, Chandi Duke Heffner. 
     No payment, compensation of any kind, 
     or reimbursement of any services provided
     or expenses, is taken by the trustees.
The staff consists of doctors, veterinarians,
       technicians and support staff who are paid
       employees of the project.

   Volunteers are welcome but must pay their
      own expenses.

Project Nickname:
Project Balaram

Request to Doctors, Veterinarians and
    If you are aware of any new technologies,
     treatments, diagnostics that will help relieve
     the suffering we encounter on our project
     please contact  us, as we welcome your
     input and ideas.

  Please send your thoughts to      

 "The world would be a better place
 if each one of us did one kind act
 to another each day."  


         CDHIF and CDHIFI are Private Charitable Foundations that are non-profit, non-governmental, non-sectarian, and
                  non-political which provide assistance without regard to age, ethnicity, gender, political or religious affiliation.