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   and their Animals

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Rewari Nomads from the Jodhpur area of Rajasthan travelling with approximately 5,000 sheep and goats, 2,000 cows, 100 camels and 75 people and their herding dogs.  We provide treatment and supplies for all of the animals and the people.

     - Our mission is to look at each individual situation
       and tailor our program for the specific need,
       without disturbing or interfering with the culture
       and traditions of the people that we care for
       with honor and respect.

    - Zoonosis is a very important aspect of our project
      as the majority of our patients live very closely
      with their animals which are an integral part of
      their survival.

    - Disease control, diagnostics, treatment, education,
      and research on diseases affecting our patients.

    - Encourage the preservation and revival of culture,
       traditions, heritage, performance arts, traditional
       skills including wood carving, stone carving,
       restoration, agricultural, eco-friendly villages.
       These are only a few examples.  This adds to the
       health and overall well being of our patients and
       their community.

   Provide Free: 
    - Medical care and medicine for humans and
    - TB Clinic with supplemental treatment
    - Vitamin A and albendazole
    - Malaria control program
    - Rabies pre exposure vaccine for animals
    - Rabies post exposure vaccine for humans
    - Other vaccines
    - Harnesses and blankets for work animals
    - Blankets for humans
    - Emergency food distribution
    - Wheelchairs

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          CDHIF and CDHIFI are  Private Charitable Foundations that are non-profit, non-governmental, non-sectarian, and
                non- political which provide assistance without regard to ethnicity, gender, age, political or religious affiliation.